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Capelle, a leader in the transport of construction & PW equipment

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By participating in several hundred projects each year, including some of the most foundational projects in Europe, Capelle has become the European leader in equipment transport for construction and civil engineering projects. In response to demand in this sector, Capelle Transports offers both conventional hauling (pallets, full trailer loads, trusses, rails, etc.) and abnormal load transport services (joists, framework, bridges, etc.).

Capelle Transports is also the reference in the transport of mobile equipment 

Expertise in the transport of construction materials

Capelle has more than 50 years’ experience and expertise, putting our company an ideal position to meet the objectives of any building project. Whether the required transport is conventional or an abnormal load, the technical solution and its organisation need to be aligned in order to successfully route the equipment all the way to our clients’ cranes.

Abnormal load convoys for pieces of framework (made of wood, concrete or metal), prefabricated walls and any kind of equipment necessitate road surveys conducted in advance, as well compliance with the relevant regulations. Our technical expertise</Link1> allows us to guarantee on-time, lawful deliveries to our clients.

Equipment transport forcivil engineering structures

When parts of bridges or other types of civil engineering structures need to be hauled, that often means an abnormal load convoy. Aside from the different equipment that we transport on standard flatbeds, we are often asked to move cargo that is very long or very wide.

For that kind of operation to be a success, the right vehicle needs to be combined with our teams’ technical expertise and meticulous preparatory work. That way, we can ensure the convoys will be able to navigate the chosen route so they arrive on time to keep our clients’ projects on track.

Capelle depuis 50ans

Transport of modular buildings

We can make deliveries to your construction sites across France and the rest of Europe, with more than 10,000 modules transported each year. We can pick up your new or used equipment from either a factory or another worksite. As building modules get bigger and are increasingly customised to your customers’ needs, they demand specific transport vehicles like extra-low-loaders, and road surveys become essential. Our expertise in conventional and abnormal load hauling allows us to deliver your construction site offices, changing rooms or high-end modules, tailoring the choice of vehicles and the organisation of transport to your circumstances. Our vehicles have transported major brands like Algeco, Cougnaud, Portakabin and many more.

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Local logistics solutions for your biggest projects

To meet the needs of construction and public works projects, Capelle can collect your equipment from factories or any other location, store it at one of our secure depots and deliver it to your building sites.

In addition, we can route your equipment to a port</Link3> for shipment abroad.  
Lastly, Capelle also handles multimodal projects involving road haulage and other modes like river or maritime transport, to or from anywhere in Europe (including shipping to the United Kingdom).

Our fleet of trailers used for the transport of construction equipment

Capelle has a wide range of equipment that is suited to the transport of framework, bridges, overpasses, modules, site offices, public works machinery, and so on. Our trailers include the following and more: 

●    3- to 6-axle standard flatbeds
●    Extendable and directional flatbeds
●    Self-steering 3-axle low-loaders
●    Extendable low-loaders with ramps
●    Double extending extra-low-loaders
●    Flatbeds and crane carriers that can handle 21 to 100 tonnes</Link2>
●    Up to 10-axles modular trailers.

Our drivers are certified to operate mobile construction machinery, so they safely load and unload your mobile equipment.

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Simplify your transport and keep that information within reach with our dedicated software

Capelle Transports can give major contractors, manufacturers and shippers access to an application tailored to the construction and public works sector, which we have been developing internally since 2007. This application, called SIL (Système d’Information Logistique, or Logistics Information System), is available 24/7, so users can track all their cargo, request quotes and review their orders.

Capelle depuis 50ans

Clients and references in the transport of construction and public works equipment

For our industrial, small-scale and major contractor clients, Capelle can transport their fabricated units to construction, public works, earthworks, civil engineering and other building sites, not to mention haulage for forwarding agents and used machinery earmarked for import/export. 

Our references include Vinci, Eiffage, NGE, Bouygues, ONF and more.

Capelle Transports is involved in the Grand Paris Express and the 2024 Olympics infrastructure projects, giving the different project participants access to our skill sets as a transporter and transport coordinator, along with storage at our nearby facility in Montereau, in the Greater Paris region.

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