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Capelle, leader in the transport of rolling stock for construction and public works industry

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With nearly 500 regular customers and more than 15,000 transports carried out eachyear, Capelle is the leader in the transport of rolling stock and machinery inEurope..

To meet the demands of the sector, Capelle Transports offers both conventional transport services (from mini-excavators to levellers) and abnormal load transport services (excavators and drilling machines of all sizes).

Capelle's expertise in the transport of construction and public works equipment

The transport of construction and public works equipment requires expertise that Capelle has been developing for more than 50 years.

This expertise includes in-depth knowledge of the different types of equipment in order to assign the most suitable means of transport. After picking the right vehicle for the job, it is necessary to plan the transportation by checking feasibility, considering the schedule, studying routes and taking into account any regulatory restrictions.

This technical expertise means we can always provide the best configuration for your needs while avoiding hold-ups, thereby ensuring punctual delivery.

Capelle depuis 50ans

A dedicated app for the transport of rolling stock

Capelle Transports provides our biggest customers with an app specifically for the construction and public works sector, developed in-house and used since 2007. This app, called SIL (Logistic Information System), is available 24 hours a day and allows customers to monitor transport flows throughout the country, get online quotes and monitor their order book.

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Our fleet of trailers for construction and public works transport

Capelle has a wide range of production units suitable for the transport of all existing construction and public works equipment, with transported machines ranging from 1.5 to 100 tonnes. Our various trailers include :

  • 3- to 6-axle flatbeds,
  • Extendable and directional flatbeds,
  • Self-steering 3-axle low-loaders,
  • Extendable low-loaders with ramps,
  • Double extending extra low-loaders,
  • Flatbeds and crane carriers from 21 to 100 tonnes
  • Up to 10-axle modular trailers

Our drivers have category 10 CACES (safe driving practices qualification), enabling them to safely load and unload construction machinery.

Particular features of transport of construction and public works equipment

In order to meet the requirements of the construction and public works industry, Capelle Transports can collect your equipment from the workshop, store it and send it to construction sites, and at the end of the project transport it to your site or to another site.

We can also send your equipment to a port for shipment abroad. Finally, we can also look after the transport of rail-road excavators and accessories.

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Customers and references in construction and public works equipment transport

Capelle transports new equipment for dealers and manufacturers, rental equipment for construction sites, forestry equipment not to mention transport for forwarders and second-hand machinery for import and export.

Capelle Transports is involved in the Grand Paris Express as transporter and transport organiser, and also by providing various types of machinery carriers and crane carrying flatbeds to the various other stakeholders.

Our customers include Bergerat Monnoyeur, Caterpillar, Volvo, Liebherr, Komatsu, Hitachi.
We also have close ties with construction firms involved in large-scale public works such as Vinci, Eiffage, NGE, Bouygues, ONF, to name but a few.

Capelle depuis 50ans
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