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Explore Capelle Transports’ Broad Expertise and Skills

Capelle's know-how is based on its core business: transport. Capelle Transports applies professionalism and industry-specific expertise to every aspect of its offering – from abnormal load transport, sensitive and conventional transport, rental equipment, logistics and storage, engineering, packaging, handling, and more.

The company is committed to the continuous development and improvement of its expertise. It strives to be an undisputed leader in the transport market by providing customers with a full-range of services.

Abnormal Load Transport, the Core of Capelle Transports

Abnormal load transport has been a key component of Capelle Transports’ DNA since its founding. Capelle Transports offers the best transportation solutions, taking particular stock of the length, height, width and weight for each customer’s unique types of goods. The company operates across many industries: building and construction, aerospace, hazardous materials, nuclear materials and explosives, sailing, art and more.

Sensitive Transport, a Major Area of Growth for Capelle

Capelle Transports has been approved to offer nuclear transport services since 2010. Our security clearance, coupled with this new area of growth, demonstrate a tangible guarantee of the quality and safety we can provide customers looking for a specialized provider of sensitive transport.

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Conventional Transport: prepared for anything, big or small

Capelle Transports has several types of flatbeds and low-loaders. This range of equipment means we can offer conventional transport services to companies in the construction industry, public works, the industrial sector and even modular construction. This enables Capelle Transports to operate everywhere: whether on a local, regional, national or even international level.

Hiring a Road-Ready Setup with Drivers: The Easy Solution

Capelle Transports offers flexible solutions personalised for its customers’ needs: rental of road-ready setups with a driver.

The terms of service and the rental period are defined in a contract, including a guaranteed replacement vehicle in case of breakdowns. The equipment is driven by professional drivers trained at Capelle Group’s training centre, Euroteam Capelle. Rental is a great solution for companies wishing to optimize their transportation costs while benefiting from the experience and expertise of a transport professional.

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Multimodal Platform: Logistics and Storage for End-to-End Service

Capelle Transport has several multimodal storage and logistics platforms to offer their customers end-to-end service.

These platforms are located in strategic areas throughout France. Our 110,000 m2 multimodal platform is located in Montereau in Seine-et-Marne, close to major road, river and rail access points. We also have sites ideally located for the unloading of goods transported by ship, near the ports of Le Havre and Dunkerque.


This arrangement makes Capelle Transports the logistics expert able to meet all your needs for the storage and redistribution of goods.

Our Engineering Research Department, When Projects Need More Detailed Attention

Capelle Transports’Engineering Research Department is where every project is carefully studied. Equipment choice, trailer deformation calculations, full-scale model production, trajectory calculation, design and production of tools – every step of the process undergoes in-depth evaluation in order to meet the needs of tailor-made operations.

Examples of the Engineering Research Department’s achievements include: mock-ups of Airbus A380 components, modular construction tarp tunnels, design of a means to transport the roof for the Southern France TGV station in Montpellier.

Mobile Crane and Handling: Everything You Need for Easy Site Management

Capelle Transports has all the equipment needed for loading and unloading various types of packages and goods. We provide the following handling services :

  • Vertical handling and mobile cranes : a fleet of lorries with crane arms capable of lifting between 12 tons/metre and 180 tons/metre, a fleet of specialised mobile crane trailer lorries (cable drum trailers, liquid lime carriers). Mobile cranes combine lifting and transport. They offer easy management thanks to their ability to self-load and self-unload.

  • Horizontal handling: for high tonnage packages, warehouse teams have all the advanced equipment needed to move any sort of goods, regardless of access conditions.

  • Worksite activity and vacuum handling: for the unloading and storage of all types of tubes at gas and hydroelectric sites.