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Expertise in the transport of energy network equipment

Transport of equipment for energy network infrastructure

RTE, Enedis and any other companies that work with energy networks need to be able to ensure good equipment availability, for new builds, scheduled maintenance operations and repairs on existing facilities.

To meet this need, Capelle Transports offers logistics and haulage solutions to network managers, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors and forwarding agents. Capelle’s network of 35 agencies in France, plus operations in Belgium, England, the Netherlands and Spain, allows us to handle spikes in volume or take fast action, with or without offering on-call duty. 

Logistics and transport for transformers- shelters and electric generators

Whether they are used in traditional power grids, factories, wind farms or any kind of energy facility, transformers, shelters, electric generators and high-capacity engine generators are crucial to the generation of electricity.

We use mobile crane lorries to make deliveries to the sites of current and future energy facilities. This way, we can handle both transport and lifting. This increases our responsiveness and keeps pricing under control.

The logistics for these types of equipment must be fastidiously organised and tailored to the situation. The organisation of our national dispatch service ensures that equipment is always available. And for on-call needs, the local agency can set up a specific contract with qualified personnel. 

Our transport solutions can also be supplemented with storage and logistics solutions.

Logistics and transport for cable drums

For medium to large quantities, our teams can transport your cable drums in France and the rest of Europe. We will pick them up from French or European factories or ports and deliver them to their final destinations. 

Depending on their size, we may either set up a solution with our lifting partners or handle your cable drums’ loading and unloading with our fleet of mobile crane lorries.

Our fleet of lowered extra-low-loader semi-trailers with wheelhouses can haul the biggest, heaviest cable drums from one site to another with a fairly low clearance so as not to be dependent on the height of overpasses. 

We offer temporary storage to our clients over variable periods of time so they will be ready to send these drums where they are needed in the region. 

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Transport of large-capacity batteries and vehicle charging stations

The electricity market is growing fast, with the latest solutions becoming more and more widespread. Capelle Transports keeps up with these trends, for example by setting up logistics and transport solutions for the large-capacity batteries market, as well as for electric vehicle charging stations.  

We have drivers who have been trained on this, enough lorries to meet the growing demand in this field, the large quantities required at construction sites and the organisation that is needed to dispatch our vehicles quickly and efficiently.