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Benefits of Capelle Transports: offering you conscientious expertise

The solid experience Capelle Transports has built up gives us all we need to provide customers with a high-quality, safety-conscious service at an affordable price.

Reassuring financial security for every customer

Capelle Transports are proud of our excellent financial rating from accredited organizations. This strong financial foundation is a solid guarantee for all our customers. First of all, it allows the company to invest by renewing our production unit stock, by continuously training our employees and by constantly improving our processes.

Secondly, the company’s good financial health guarantees total security for customers. No worries about double-billing when chartering, even though the Gayssot Act allows a subcontracting haulier to seek redress against the charger (customer) when he is not paid by the charterer.

A highly developed network

Capelle Transports have a strong presence with over 25 agencies spread across France, each one having 25 to 80 production units and a wide range of equipment (flat beds, extenders, low loaders, mobile cranes and more). This allows us to reduce costs by limiting empty travel.

Thanks to close ties with our European subsidiaries outside France, Capelle Transports are also able to meet your international transport needs.

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Optimizedmanagement, state-of-the-art IT tools

Centralized operating system

The Capelle fleet is managed by a centralized operating system (850 vehicles in 2019). It allows dispatchers to have a complete overview of vehicles and orders in real time. Thanks to this organization and our state-of-the-art, custom-built technology, dispatchers can respond to different transport demands while minimizing empty travel costs.

IT and Logistics System

Capelle Transports’ customers can choose to manage all their transport themselvesthanks to the IT and Logistics System (SIL) developed by the company. You will have personalized, fully secure access allowing you to generate quotes online, place orders, track the progress of requests, and much more. This tool was designed in view of managing and streamlining transport for businesses with multiple sites and/or multiple branches. The IT and Logistics System (SIL) allows customers to manage costs, have safe transport regardless of size, and to access precise information on transport carried out, including the day and time of loading, delivery, etc.

On-board IT systems with Truck Connect

Since 2007, the entire Capelle Transports fleet has been fitted with state-of-the-art on-board IT systems. Some of the available tools were custom-built for us.In 2019, the subsidiary Euro Système d’information (ESI) also developed and kitted thefleet out with connected digital tablets.


These tools provide customers with real time updates (geo-tracking et geo-fencing) on the vehicle’s GPS location and order status (loaded, in progress, delivered) and quick access to digitised documents.

Our people, our passion

Know-how, skills, passion and knowledge-sharing are keywords at Capelle Transports.

Our employees benefit from regular training to constantly improve their know-how. Euroteam Capelle provides recruitment and training for the 850 drivers and 60 operators of the various Capelle Transports agencies. Euroteam Capelle is run by trainers with at least 10 years’ experience in the field of abnormal load transport. The Centre is key for consolidating and communicating Capelle Transports’ core values: integrity, adaptability and excellence. Employees attend mandatory training for CPD, CACES (safe driving practices) and FIMO (onboarding training). A number of other courses are also available, including smart driving, using digital tablets, and European social regulations.

A fleet to cover all your needs

Capelle Transports has one of the widest ranges of abnormal load equipment in Europe. This means we can transport any type of goodsranging from light packages (nuclear or ADR) transported in UV/LGV, right up to 800-tonne loads on modular trailers or SPMTs.

Capelle Transports’ production units are regularly updated and comply with the latest European environmental standards (Euro 6).

Certification : a mark of quality and commitment


Since 1996, Capelle Transports has been committed to meeting the requirements of ISO standards.

Find our "Quality, Safety & Environment" policy here


ISO 9002 certification obtained

ISO 9001 (version 2000) certification obtained
ISO 14001 certification obtained
ISO 9001 (version 2015) certification obtained, Nuclear Transport certification.