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Abnormal load transport: Our core business

Abnormal load transport brings together a whole range of tailor-made services.

Unlike conventional transport abnormal load transport is the transport of goods that are unusual, whether because of their length, their width or their weight. The means and expertise used for this type of transport can also be used in other unusual situations such as sites without easy access or "sensitive" sites.

It is for these reasons that abnormal load transport is at the heart of Capelle Transports.

From 1950 to the present : the development of abnormal load transport

Capelle Transports was established in the post-war period and diversified into the world of abnormal load transport during the 1970s thanks to the French Nuclear Program deployment. Since that time, the company has developed services and equipment to be able to meet all abnormal load transport requirements in the fields of building, construction and public works, transport of agricultural machinery, sailing, and more.

In 2010, Capelle Transports became the leading abnormal load carrier in France opened new agencies and subsidiaries throughout the country. Since then, Capelle Transports has become established a presence in seven European Union countries, making it now the European leader in abnormal load and sensitive transport.

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Sectors of activity needing abnormal load transport

Capelle can fulfil all abnormal load transport requests, regardless of sector or location. Here are three examples:

Aeronautics and aerospace

The transport of aviation or aerospace parts requires equipment suited to the value of these loads. Trailers can be fitted with impact sensors or other equipment to ensure the package being transported is perfectly secure. We can custom-design and manufacture this equipment in our dedicated research department.


Railway equipment (underground trains, train carriages, trams) requires special care during transport. At Capelle Transports, our equipment is perfectly suited to these unique challenges and our drivers have undergone specialist training. Capelle Transports also plays a part in track maintenance by transporting equipment such as diggers for road or rail.

Energy production

The equipment needed for energy production (wind turbines, hydroelectric, nuclear power, and so on) consists of parts of significant size and weight. Some equipment for power grids or optical fibre may be fragile and require the utmost care. The sites in question are often either in hard-to-reach areas or within power plants, implying any number of logistical constraints. To meet these challenges, Capelle Transports uses equipment adapted to each situation, which range from high- capacity mobile cranes allowing self-unloading, to modular trailers or extra-low loaders.

Drivers and other staff trained in abnormal load transport

Receiving and fulfilling orders

Customer enquiries are handled by our teams of specialised project managers. The projects are then allocated on the basis of geographical criteria, the specifics of the industry in question, and the technical level required for the transport.

Operating specialists (dispatchers and traffic managers) then process the orders and monitor the service through to completion.

Specialized drivers and equipment

Regardless of their qualification level (level 1 to 9), Capelle Transports’ drivers regularly attend training courses at the Euroteam Capelle training centreto improve their expertise.

This involves both mandatory training (CPD, CACES (safe driving practices), FIMO (onboarding training)) and training in more specialist topics (smart driving, use of the digital tablet, and so on) or trade expertise. All training is provided by trainers with more than 10 years’ experience in abnormal load transport.

All our drivers have a digital tablet since 2019, specifically developed for Capelle Transports and adapted to their roles. This means they are in constant contact with the in-house teams and also allow customers to receive real-time information.

Capelle Transports’ Industrial and Innovation Hub : industrialising abnormal load transport

The main goal of our Industrial and Innovation Cluster (PIIC) is to industrialise our offering in abnormal load transport. It is located within a large industrial park and includes 20,000 m² of workshops and 2,000 m² of offices.

It contains :

  • a Research Department where the teams design plans and where each project is carefully analysed. This work includes calculation of trailer deformations, life-sized model production and trajectory calculation.

  • a Metalworks Workshop where steel, stainless steel or aluminium parts are manufactured such as interfaces, frames, etc.

  • and an Equipment Rebuilding Service to renovate production units and commit to a truly circular economy and sustainable development.

Since the PIIC’s inception, Capelle Transports has been able to expand their abnormal load transport offer and begin to shape the future of transport.

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