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Your career at Capelle Transports – Training centre

Giving our employees the means to flourish in their jobs and in the company also means providing them with the training they need to work or develop.

A specialised logistics and transport training centre

More than 17 years ago now, Capelle Transports created the first training centre in France and the rest of Europe to specialise in the conventional transport, abnormal load transport and logistics sectors. Having our own training centre ensures that we get the best advice and the best follow-up so we can meet the challenges of safety and efficiency that are inherent to our business.

Training to meet personal and professional challenges

Our clients are in perpetual motion. One of the objectives of our HR policy is to encourage the development of skill sets linked to the company’s core concerns. The fact is that the added value that our company provides is closely tied to our teams’ experience and hard and soft skills.

Because human safety is a priority for us, we never neglect any training that might help our employees adopt the right moves, good posture and best practices.  Training is a vital component when it comes to meeting these challenges.

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Our training policy and road transport training areas

The importance of in-house training has increased in recent years, driven by our clients and the market. Beyond the usual or compulsory training courses, the teams at all our agencies teach best practices, as they apply to our fields of work and the Group, through mentoring.

In parallel, our training centre, Euro Team Capelle, currently offers four types of training: 

All the courses taught by Euro Team Capelle are available to outside companies.

Human ressources at the heart of the company

Know-how, skills, passion and transmission: these are the watchwords of the Transports Capelle teams.

Our abnormal load convoy school, training elite road drivers

A decade ago, we worked with our training centre, Euro Team Capelle, to create the only course in Europe designed to train the best and brightest road drivers.

Building on the personal and technical expertise acquired from Capelle Group, this is a three-month training course for road drivers with a C1 lorry licence who want to be trained on abnormal load transport.

This training is meant to open up a multitude of career prospects to participants. Which is why it includes time on the road driving Category 1 & 2 convoys and taking the test for CACES® R490 and R482 Category G (crane and tractor safety), the AIPR (a permit for driving near networks) and the FIP (pilot vehicle initial training).

Future HGV operators and mechanics, take a sandwich course with Capelle

Between 2021 and 2023, Capelle Transports launched two sandwich courses to achieve certifications, through our training centre Euro Team Capelle. Students work at one of Capelle’s agencies, in an operations department or a workshop. And in parallel, they undergo training for a trade qualification that is recognised by the French Ministries of Education and Labour. 

Well-established training processes of the highest quality

To meet the specific needs of abnormal load convoy jobs through training, our training managers:

All our training involves two components: