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16 Nov 2020 11:40
34 tank elements for Canada

Transport of heavy parts for tank manufacturing

Roof sections for gas storage tanks (LNG) destined for Canada weighed almost 40 tonnes each.
Between April and October, our Belgian Van Egdom teams (Capelle Group subsidiaries) were chartered by PLD for the transport. From the factory, until the board ship approach, we have transported 34 parts of 47T each. To realised transports of 45m long and 9m wide parts, we  mobelized specifics equipment, especially two 6x4 trucks and trailers extendable to 35m.

Phase 1 – On-site logistics management

The first transports between the exit of the workshop and the customer's outdoor storage space were a few hundred meters. To save space, the items have been lifted and stacked on 5 levels. PLD managed the transport by chartering on Van Egdom (Capelle Group), lifting and coordination with the client

Phase 2 - Delivery to the port storage area

Once production was completed, our trailers were loaded using a mobile crane (Dufour chartered by PLD). After several weeks to recognize the routes and obtain the authorizations, we delivered the 34 sectors on the port of Dunkirk. When they arrived at their destination, pending the arrival of the ship, they were put into storage again.
14T of wooden transport maces have been specially manufactured to support the height of 3.10m distributed over 45m long (10m of overhang).

Transports were made by convoy of 2 trucks followed by flatbed trailers loaded with wood, and storage cradles. This represented a 300m convoy on the road comprising 6 pilot cars, 4 National Police motorcycles, 2 trailers open to 35m and 2 flatbed trailer.

Phase 3 – Ship approach

For this last phase, we delivered near the REGINE vessel chartered by DAHER. The REGINE vessel belongs to the SAL Heavy Lift fleet specializing in heavy lifts (sheers: 2x700T + 1x350T)

Global management of oversized transports projects

Complete management by our client PLD, manager of logistics and industrial projects company based in Dunkirk.
If you have an oversized or heavy logistics project, send us your request on our Capelle website.