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Capelle Transports are specialists in road transport

Since our beginnings in 1951, Capelle Transports has been constantly evolving and challenging ourselves.Welcome to the website of a company invested in creating the future of transportation: from conventional transport to abnormal load transport , from logistics to storage , from rental all the way to the creation of the Industrial and Innovation Hub.

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Full range of logistics services

From conventional transport to European leaders

Capelle Transports’ history begins in 1951 when René Capelle created his company in the département of Gard in France.d. He began as a solo entrepreneur, carrying out conventional transport services. Over time, the business grew steadily.
In the early 1970s, the first abnormal load transport was taken on by the company, thanks to France’s Nuclear Program. The company created a number of agencies and bought up other companies across France, leading to the 1990s which marked a new turning point.
Capelle Transports received the distinction of Carrier of the Year, obtained AFQ ISO 9002 certification, and the workforce reached nearly 200 employees. The company has been growing quickly ever since the 2000s.
Capelle Transports signed its first contracts with Airbus. In 2003, the Capelle Group was born. In 2010, new subsidiaries were opened in 7 countries across Europe (Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.).

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The know-how and the benefits of an abnormal load transporter

Capelle Transports has become a key player in the transport industry thanks to its strong know-how and the assets it has developed over time.

The experience of a road transport leader

Capelle Transports are currently one of the transport industry leaders thanks to the strength provided by our experience and know-how. Using our wide range of equipment and production units, we can respond to every request for services in road transport. Thanks to our skills in abnormal load transport, Capelle Transports always finds the best solution to meet our customers’ needs in a variety of demanding sectors: nuclear, aerospace or defence, and more.

Our know-how as a transport expert also means we can offer additional services such as tractor-trailer and driver rental, storage and logistics, the expertise of a research department, to name but a few.

Our assets make us forward-facing

There are many advantages to working with Capelle Transports. First of all, we are reassuringly financially stable, meaning customers can rely on us. Our financial security is validated by CreditSafe and Banque de France’s ratings. We are also lucky enough to have advanced computer tools at our disposal: a centralised operating system, on-board computing, apps and more. This technology makes it possible to optimise transport, monitor orders in real time and reduce costs. We even have Capelle’s Euroteam training centre , where drivers and in-house staff from the various agencies are recruited and trained. They attend both mandatory training and more job specific training. Finally, and above all, the company’s success is a testament to the skills and commitment of the people who work here.

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The heart of Capelle Transports: abnormal load transport

Abnormal load transport is a core part of Capelle Transports’ DNA. It commonly involves tailor-made services, non-standard dimensions and operational constraints (sensitive or difficult to access sites), while having to comply with deadlines and security requirements. Since the 1970s, the company has continuously expanded its range of equipment to better meet the requirements of its 10,000 customers across industries such as energy, defence, sailing or construction and public works.

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Conventional transport: he who can do more, can do less!

Conventional transport relates to goods that meet specific criteria of weight and size. Accordingly, it has always been part of Capelle’s story. Over the years, the company has kitted itself out with a wide range of equipment to meet conventional transport requirements. Trailers, flatbed, trailer carriers, UVs, LGVs, and more: Capelle Transports can handle all types of goods. These services are of interest, among others, to businesses in the sectors of building and public works, agricultural machinery, nuclear, energy production, railways, and more.

Thanks to our agencies spread throughout France and subsidiaries across Europe, we can operate on local, regional, national and international levels.

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Additional offerings for a comprehensive service

To better meet your needs and provide a comprehensive service, Capelle Transports offers additional services ranging from logistics to rental, thanks to our Industrial and Innovation Hub.

Logistics services: from storage to logistics hubs

Logistics services bring together several aspects. This includes Capelle Transports’ storage premises, and also the various equipment available at the storage sites: overhead cranes, mobile cranes, unloading bays, etc. We also offer related services such as managing stock, orders and deliveries.

To optimize flows, Capelle Transports has set up a network of logistics hubs. They are ideally located near road, river and rail access points, and are spread throughout France.

Rental: tractor-trailer assemblies, test loads, concrete and steel dividers

Thanks to our wide range of production units, Capelle Transports can offer services for tractor-trailer and driver rental. There are many advantages to this solution: optimising the cost of the transport station, the expertise of specialist drivers, on-demand rental services, and so on. The rental arrangements can cover all your needs in terms of type of equipment, duration of rental or even additional equipment.

Capelle Transports also specialises in the rental of Concrete and Steel Dividers (ballast), ranging from 10 to 500 kilos in weight and making it possible to produce assemblies of up to 260 tonnes. This is the ideal solution for testing lifting equipment used in the railway, construction and agricultural industries.

In addition, for those in the signalling and public works sectors, Capelle Transports offers rental of Concrete and Steel Dividers and Variable Message Signage and can transport this mark-out equipment throughout France.

The Industrial and Innovation Hub: making the transport of tomorrow a reality

Capelle’s Industrial and Innovation Hub (PIIC) was created in 2019. It has several missions: to industrialise abnormal load transport, develop new services and ponder future of transport through the Think Tank. The PIIC is housed in a large modular industrial site and is composed of:

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