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Conventional transport: the origin of Capelle Transports

Transportation is said to be conventional when it relates to goods meeting the weightand size conditions specified in the Highway Code. The tractor-trailer assembly mustnot exceed 16.50 metres in length, be more than 2.55 metres wide or have a totalrunning weight of more than 44 tonnes. Unlike other European countries, in France,there is no vehicle height limit.

Any tractor-trailer assembly that does not fit these dimensions is considered to be abnormal load transport. Conventional transport is carried out using our full range of trailers, standard flatbeds and low-loaders, tank carriers, etc.

A vast range of equipment for all your needs

At Capelle Transports, conventional transport is an integral part of the company's history. Over time, we have developed and acquired a vast range of trailers, flatbeds and low-loader carriers to meet the conventional transport needs of key players in construction, public works, agricultural machinery, railway, sailing or energy production. These production units are regularly renewed in order to provide quality service to our customers and to always comply with the latest environmental standards.

Each production unit has the necessary equipment to secure and protect the goods entrusted to us by our customers. Goods are loaded and unloaded with complete compliance with safety standards thanks to the use of the various types of mobile crane owned by the company.

Thanks to this vast range of equipment – one of the most extensive in Europe – Capelle Transports can support the transport of every type of goods :from the lightest in LGV or UV, up to 30 tonne loads at the upper limits of conventional transport.

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Qualified drivers trained in conventional transport

Capelle’s drivers are all perfectly qualified to meet our customers’ various requirements for conventional transport. They regularly attend the training provided by EuroTeam Capelle, created in 2004. This innovative training centre offers mandatory training in the field of freight transport (CACES, safe driving practices certification), but also general training courses covering time management, eco-driving or securing freight.

All Capelle Transports’ customers benefit from personalised follow-up.

All our agencies have an outside salesperson as well as an in-house salesperson, occasionally supplemented by a business manager. In total, our sales team has close to 60 members across France.

Local and international offerings

Thanks to its resources, Capelle can offer conventional transport services in France on a local, regional or national scale, as well as internationally.

The company’s 25 agencies are spread across the whole country and each have 15 to 80 production units (tractor, trailer and specialized driver).

Capelle Transports also has close links to other Group subsidiaries throughout Europe, to meet international transport needs.

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Dangerous goods : asafety-oriented transportation

The transport of dangerous goods is an excellent example of the safety requirements that Capelle Transports is able to meet.

This type of transport requires the use of covered trucks to ensure discretion. Road combinations will usually be fitted with an additional alarm, and controlled by a double crew to ensure optimum safety.

Capelle’s drivers all have clearance and accreditation to access the sites in question.

Supplemental services to conventional transport: rental and logistics

To best meet our customers’ needs for conventional transport, Capelle offers several additional services :

Rental of tractor-trailer assemblies and test loads

The rental of tractor-trailer combinations with specialist drivers is an excellent solution for optimising transport costs while benefitting from specialist expertise. The rental terms will cover the duration, guarantees and a wide range of custom services depending on your needs. This means companies requesting Capelle’s services for tractor-trailer rental have a wide range of equipment available which is perfectly suited to their specific needs.

The rental of test loads is a highly attractive option for testing lifting equipment used in industry, construction and public works, railway, aviation or agriculture. Our subsidiary Transports Marquet, helps Capelle Transports provides its customers with a wide range of test loads for all types of assemblies.

Logistics and storage services

With the aim of providing a comprehensive set of services, Capelle Transports offers services in logistics and storage. Thanks to our various agencies spread throughout France, we can provide :

  • outdoor and indoor storage premises,

  • equipment (overhead cranes, mobile cranes, unloading bays),

  • services (stock management, orders, shipments, etc..).

Capelle Transports has also developed a network of logistics hubs ideally located near to road, river and railway access. Spread throughout France, they can accommodate loads of any size and can optimise the overall cost of the services offered.

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