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Capelle Transports Industrial Hub: research department and metalwork workshop

Capelle’s Industrial and Innovation Hub (PIIC) is a reflection of Capelle Transports’ desire to continually grow and develop and look to the future. It consists of an integrated research department and a metalwork workshop and is ideally located in the city centre of Alès.

The site covers an area of ​​5.5 hectares, including 20,000 m2 of buildings and workshops that will eventually be equipped with 17,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels, and 2000 m2 of offices.

The aims of Capelle’s Industrial and Innovation Hub

The PIIC's aims include the industrialisation of our abnormal load transport offering, the diversification of our services and imagining tomorrow’s transport today, through our Think Tank.

Capelle Transports has gained control over our production costs as well as solid technical independence.

This new angle enables us to strengthen our competitiveness while actively contributing to the development of the local economy.

The integrated research department

The research department teams design every step of a project. After a first research step, the team members produce the plans that make it possible to choose the most suitable equipment for the job. The research department is responsible for :

  • The design of custom parts and accessories,
  • mechanical studies, to meet the requirements of quality and reliability while complying with safety standards,
  • strength calculations for the various elements of the production units,
  • and all studies related to abnormal load transport, authorisations, regulations for crossing conditions, and so on.

The metalwork workshop

The plans made by the research department enable the metalwork workshop to manufacture various parts made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium. These elements will be used in accessories such as the interfaces intended for the trailers used for abnormal load transport (the supports for accommodating the loads, for example).

In addition, the metalwork workshop also offers Capelle Transports’ customers the possibility of repairing certain parts such as grabs.

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Reconstruction of rolling stock

Capelle Transports is committed to sustainable development. With this in mind, the PIIC is home to an equipment reconstruction workshop fitted with overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes.

For example, by preserving the chassis of a trailer, by renovating it and by adding new equipment to it, this significantly extends the life of some production units. This is a concrete application of a circular economy. Our reconstruction services are provided by a team of in-house experts in painting, bodywork, brakes, hydraulics, etc.

The PIIC also houses a spare parts store for our equipment, intended for agencies of Capelle Transports.