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Industrial Vehicle Rental with Driver

To address your logistical and budgetary challenges, renting trucks with drivers is an increasingly suitable solution. Increased activity, strong seasonality in transportation, occasional construction projects, or the opening of a new industrial site all require adapting your transportation solution.

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Rental of Trucks with Specialized Drivers

To optimize your logistical challenges by entrusting them to a reliable provider, Transports Capelle has implemented a tailored solution: renting truck combinations with specialized drivers throughout France, allowing for:

  • Control and visibility of your costs related to social, material, legal aspects, etc.

  • Optimization and guaranteed availability rate of the provided truck combination.

  • Benefit from the expertise of transportation specialists. All drivers at Transports Capelle are trained by Euroteam Capelle, the company's training center, for driving operations as well as loading, unloading, crane operations, etc. (CACES). Safety is ingrained in our DNA.

  • Maintain control of your logistics without constraints: ensuring the ability to focus solely on your core business.

  • Enjoy flexible and tailored service: customized rental ensures access to perfectly suited vehicles for your transportation needs at all times.

  • In case of increased activity, you can leverage the strength of the Capelle network.

A Transportation Solution for All Sectors

Companies that engage Capelle for the rental of truck combinations with drivers span various sectors: industry, construction, nuclear, etc. These companies have access to trailers, tarpaulin-covered platforms, cranes, etc., perfectly suited to their construction sites and deliveries to their clients.

Other advantages of our offer include: replacement drivers, technical and commercial customization of your truck combinations to suit your goods and brand, taking over your current fleet and/or personnel, etc.

Rental Terms with Drivers

Transports Capelle offers vehicles for rent for durations ranging from 1 to 84 months. We invest for you and/or immediately provide access to our fleet of over 2000 registered vehicles. All vehicles for rent from Transports Capelle are equipped with the latest innovations in onboard computing (tablets, GPS, etc.).


A contract is then established detailing all the terms of the service in terms of:

  • Duration (short, medium, or long term),

  • Guarantee, with provision of a replacement vehicle in case of immobilization.

  • Customized services (branding, etc.).

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Rental of Trucks with Crane Arms

For truck rental services with crane arms, we invest in new equipment. It's an advantageous solution that efficiently and flexibly combines handling and transportation.

By opting for truck rental with crane arms at Transports Capelle, you benefit from numerous advantages: flexible rental durations, investment capacity (periods of 6 to 12 months), possible reinforcements for peak activities, competitive rates, responsive and personalized customer service.

Maintenance of trucks with crane arms requires specific skills to ensure their reliability and performance in the field. Our drivers hold the necessary R490 auxiliary crane arm licenses for driving such equipment.

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Truck Rental with Trailers

For all rentals with drivers, we can either use your own fleet of semi-trailers or offer you those adapted to your activities. The choice is crucial to optimizing your transportation, meeting all your demands, and working safely. Relying on Transports Capelle means benefiting from technical expertise and over 70 years of experience in "Conventional Transport" and "Exceptional Transport".

  • Possible types of trailers for rental: standard flatbed, extendable flatbed, car carriers, low-bed, extra-low-bed, even technical modular trailers.

  • Adaptations and equipment: we collaborate with manufacturers and the Capelle Group's engineering department to find technical solutions for your transportation needs, all with safety in mind.

  • Quality: the equipment offered for rent is state-of-the-art.

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Concrete and Steel Dividers : rental of road demarcation and signalling equipment

Capelle Transports offers the rental of concrete and steel dividers or variable messaging signs, providing companies in the Public Works sector with a wide range of modular concrete and steel dividers. We can deal with the transport and handling of this demarcation and signalling equipment throughout France, and provide our customers with a tailor-made service in terms of :

  • Availability : operations can be carried out by day or night, on urban or motorway construction sites. We also offer the possibility of annual rent of a certain length so you can make sure you always have the equipment available.

  • Quality : the equipment offered for rent is state-of-the-art.

  • Choice : our dividers come in different lengths (from 2 to 4.5 metres), weights and heights. They are perfectly adapted to all types of sites.

  • Cost : you only pay for the exact rental period and you only rent exactly the length you need.

  • The BT4 retaining system, specifically developed for Capelle Transports, has been W5certified since 2007, giving you the peace of mind of using the best possible concretemotorway barriers. This divider can withstand the shock of a 10-tonne truck with an impact angle of 15° and a speed of 70 km/h.

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