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Storage buildings, warehouses, depots for rent and logistics services

Capelle Transports offers rental options for different spaces on a logistics site with a total surface area of ​​110,000 m2, including 32,000 m2 of kited-out depots and warehouses. This hub is ideally located southeast of Paris, in the département of Seine-et-Marne, close to the river ports of Montereau-Fault-Yonne and Bray-sur-Seine and at the intersection of the A5, A6 and A4 motorways.

site logistique montereau 77

Storage spaces adapted to any need

Capelle Transports is proud to offer our customers rental facilities and storage spaces, adapted to your needs :

  • Rental of warehouses or depots,

  • Adaptablepremises,

  • Short, medium- and long-term rental,

  • Indoor areas of 10 m² to 32,000 m2,

  • Outdoor areas of 10 m² to 50,000 m2,

  • Easy access to the storage site,

  • Provision of trained, qualified personnel and handling equipment,

  • Possibility of heavy handling and jack lifting,

  • Monthly billing according to occupation length.

Kitted out warehouses and depots for hire

Warehouses, depots and outdoor premises are kitted out to meet all your storage requirements:

The equipment offered on the logistics platform

A diverse range of equipment to meet all logistical needs :

  • Logistics platform handling storage,
  • Adjoining offices,
  • Loading/unloading dock,
  • Gantries,
  • Railway sidings,
  • Forklifts (from 1.5t to 12t),
  • 24H surveillance.

Logistics services from A to Z

A logistics platform that combines a wide range of services :

  • Premises that can be adapted according to your needs,

  • Customer order preparation,

  • Repackaging,

  • Stock management,

  • Physical and computer inventory.

A logistics platform that can also take care of the entire logistics chain :

  • Supplying,

  • B/L creation,

  • Shipping to end customers,

  • Traceability, inventory and movement status,

  • Inventory alerts,

  • Restocking,

  • Dedicated means of transport managed by the logistics team,

  • Computerised inventory management and flow management,

  • Tailor-made software and apps,

  • Logistics agents equipped with digital tablets.

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Capelle Transports' sales, technical and IT services are available to our customers to quickly meet all your storage needs: whether large or small and for a short or long time.

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