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Transport of equipment used in energy generation

Energy suppliers like EDF and RTE need to transport the equipment they then use to generate and transport electricity. This is where Capelle comes in, providing both conventional and abnormal load transport for parts that are dedicated to wind, hydraulic, nuclear and other forms of energy. The transport of this equipment demands vehicles that conform to the sector’s constraints, excellent responsiveness and detailed knowledge of this environment, all of which are skill sets that Capelle Transports has been making available to its clients for several decades now.

Transport of winf turbines

Wind turbines comprise towers made of steel or concrete, blades and nacelles, in segments that are very wide and very heavy, and with blades measuring up to 70 metres in length. Most wind turbines are installed in remote, and therefore hard to reach, areas.

Capelle handles transport from a building site or port to the installation area, using all the necessary resources to deliver services safely in spite of what are often extreme conditions. Thanks to our different locations, Capelle Transports can transport cargo anywhere in France and the rest of Europe.

Transport of equipment for power grids and fibre optic networks

A variety of equipment is used in power grids and power distribution infrastructure, all of which demands a degree of expertise in transmission. Engine generators, electric generators, transformers and fibre optic terminals dedicated to low voltage networks are fragile pieces of equipment that require the greatest care. The cables, cable drums and pylons that are used in very high voltage networks make for bulky cargo that needs to be hauled on the right trailers. Capelle Transports has the necessary expertise and vehicle fleet to transport all this power equipment, whatever the size.

Cargo transported for the nuclear industry

The equipment that is used to maintain nucléaire nuclear plants (lids, tanks, turbines, etc.)can weight up to 350 tonnes. Which is why Capelle uses modular trailers to meet these specific needs. This is also a sector that demands great adaptability, so certain services will be scheduled while others will be performed during unplanned operations carried out in response to an emergency, a fault, etc., with maximum responsiveness. Capelle Transports has nuclear accreditation as a technical organisational unit, and the drivers assigned to this service are both meticulous and discreet. 

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Transport of oil and gas extraction equipment

Before exploiting a well, it is important to ensure there is indeed oil in the ground. This first step is carried out using equipment like vibrators and drills, and Capelle can haul that equipment to your target areas. The sites must then be fitted with tubes that can be very long, with very wide diameters. Natural gas is also transmitted via pipelines, from a compressor station or storage site to the end user. Thanks to our material and logistical capacities, Capelle can transport your different parts on a large number of vehicles over short periods of time in order to meet your projects’ needs.

Transport of equipment for dams and hydroelectric power stations

Hydroelectric power stations are usually located in hard to reach places like mountains or other areas that weren’t necessarily designed for transporting cargo. In addition, the parts needed to build and maintain those plants (turbines, alternators, transformers, etc.) are rather large in size. So, Capelle Transports uses bespoke equipment that is perfectly suited to handle these various constraints during transport and in some cases all the way to final installation.

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Le transport de pièces destinées aux autres modes de production d’énergie

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